среда, 6 апреля 2011 г.

"Loading samples into the SoundPool that do not fit in ram will not result in an exception being thrown, nor is there a soundId returned that can be checked for failure. So you must look at your logs, and pray to the Android gods that your samples fit on the target device."

(from http://stackoverflow.com)


С Toast предпочтительно использовать getApplicationContext(), а не контекст activity (что бы ни говорилось официально ). Говорят, могут быть проблемы с освобождением памяти

Android methods

class android.app.ActivityManager
public static boolean isUserAMonkey ()

Returns "true" if the user interface is currently being messed with by a monkey.

class android.util.Log
public static int wtf (String tag, String msg)

What a Terrible Failure: Report a condition that should never happen

(оба с API v.8. Андроид-мейкеры отрываются :))